Trip Planning

Great Escapes Vacations is passionate about offering our professional expertise to our clients. We take every consultation seriously and put a lot of time and effort into planning your perfect vacation.

Before You Begin –  It is important that you understand that Great Escapes Vacations is a travel agency that specializes in groups and packaging power. We do NOT offer a strip down, bare bones, off the shelf, lowest price product. However, we focus on client experience. Price is NOT the primary focal point. We are packaging specialists and we can almost always add convenience, reduce stress and increase the fun factor because we bundle so well. So if you would like for me to work this magic for you, then follow the steps below…

Contact Us


1. Request–  Once you contact us you will be refered to our Travel Request Form. Please fill out the Travel Request Form to get you started. Filling out the appropriate online travel request form indicates that you wish to retain travel sercies provided by Pleasant Escapes Travel Agency.

2. Consulatation and Review – We wil take the informaton  you provided  to learn about your travel desires and determine what is required for you. In addition, we will advise whether or not Pleasant Escapes can assist you with your request. At the end of the initial complimentary consulation, clients are required to place a Deposit – “Plan to Go” Retainer Fee (starting at $35+) for their trip. Research and planning will not begin until the appropriate travel request form has been filled out and the Plan to Go/Retainer Fee payment has been recieved.

3.  Plan–  We will begin researching your desired needs and planning your trip for you. Once our reseacher is complete we will take away the information overload by presenting  you with some options we think most fit what you are looking for.  We will explain the quote in details and answer any questions you may have. We will also tweak and revise until we have the perfect fit.  Coummincation during this phase is key! Please note that the Deposit – “Plan to Go” Retainer Fee must be paid in full before providing you with a detailed quote.

4. Book– Once you are satisfied with the proposal, you will sign the appropriate forms, return to us with your credit card information for the required supplier payment whether it is a deposit or payment in full. The initial depost and airfare are usally due at time of booking. The amount of the deposit and your final payment dates are dependent on the destination and travel supplier. You can expect anywher betwen 15-60% due at deposit with your final payment date being due between 45-90 days prior to your departure date.


If you are not ready to fully commit to your trip and  you are still in the research phase “Just Shoppping”, then we can still assist you.  We charge an hourly rate of $35/hr with a one-hour minimum to do the research for you.


If this is just way too much for you and you would rather do-it-yourself then we can still help you. Visit Pleasant Escapes Online Booking Engine to self book your trip. Our online booking engine has some amazing deals and is very competitive in the online marketplace.